Renzo Racer: Game Review

Want to learn more about Renzo Racer Game? Read this guide and learn more about it!

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Fanny, cute and easy-going game that will help you fill your free time. If you are into racing games you’ll surely love this one. This review will give you more information about this game version that’s available for the Xbox X series. In the following text, you can learn more about the gameplay, options and players’ numbers and the quality of the game as well.

Game Review – Renzo Racer

1. Game Rules

Before you start this game you’ll be able to choose two modes of this game:

  • Tournament
  • Single track

If you choose the Tournament race you’ll be given a task to complete 4 different races in which you need to win.

Every stage of each race will give you a different experience and by that, I mean different stages, opponents and elements included in the race.

However, both modes can be played by a maximum of 4 players locally.

If you choose the local track you can race on a track that you’ve chosen before.

2. Gameplay

Before you start racing you’ll have the ability to choose your character from the 16 characters named on the list. Each racer has its own performance and strong side, which if it’s used wisely you can easily win the race.

There will be 20 different tracks to race on, but some of them will be available after you win some races.

During the game, you’ll need to control the gas, turning, reverse, and handbrake and you will be able to collect items that can as well be useful during the race.

Here are some of the items that can be used during the game:

  • Bomb – can be thrown behind you
  • Racket – that can be thrown in front of you
  • Lightning Bolt – it will speed you up

3. Is It Renzo Racer Worth Playing?

If we take all in rating this game I will give it a 7/10 grade because of its interesting races and racing tracks and the need to win races to unlock the new ones.

Despite that, I really love raving games that aren’t confusing and easy to understand and on top of that have included the tournament races in it.

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