Steve Jackson’s Sorcery: Game Review

Check this game review and learn more about Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! The new adventures game was released just today!

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Steve Jackson’s Sorcery is a game that offers incredibly exciting adventures, has also fantasy elements and really challenging tasks that will for sure make your play very interesting. You can now play it on Nintendo Switch, and in this article, I will try to do a small review and reveal what this game contains and the parts worth knowing before playing it!

In this Game Review, you’ll be able to learn more about Steve Jackson’s Sorcery Game!

Game Review – Steve Jackson’s Sorcery

1. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery – Game Story

All of what’s inside the game is based on the original series of Steve Jackson’s books, released in 1983, and in this game you’ll be in the shoes of one hero that have many tasks in front of him to do.

Manly the game is based on getting back the crown and really worth artifact that belonged to the king and was stolen afterward by an evil creature.

You’ll need to get and try to repair the crown so you can prevent the ARCHMAGE from gaining the crown’s magical powers and rule all of the Titan.

The future of the land is in your hands!

2. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery – Gameplay, Suggestions And Rules

The connection between the levels is important. So you’ll need to complete one part to move in the other. That means you can transfer your data in the upcoming part, which I suggest you do it!

In the beginning, you can choose your character and you have the option to get a male or female character.

Also, you can select the option and get a spell book with you once you start the game. This move will make the game heavier and even more challenging. You can’t open this book during the fight so try to memorize everything.

You can attack and defend yourself physically, with a sword or fisticuffs, a combination of moves and set of attacks, and all that with a power and strength that you can control.

Choose wisely if you want to attack or defend, because assuming your enemy’s power sometimes getting back can benefit you more.

Each point from winning the battle has dedicated to the stamina of the character, try to keep your stamina.

However, you may eat, sleep and recover to refresh your stamina, but the exact time for that isn’t whenever you want, and you’ll need some extra gold for that too.

Solving spells (mini-games as well – Swindle Stones), opening doors, collecting items, reading minds, and winning battles, that what this game has to offer the most. Most of them will be contacted with the spells from the letters, situations and people.

The good side of this game is that you can return to change your last purchase of merchant since your last choice brings small results for you.

There are many options, and can be confusing sometimes – you will need to choose your paths. Use your intuition and personal game experience of that, because, in the end, you can cover the mistake, right?

3. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery – Settings, Graphics And Tones

The picture is a great, incredibly high-quality hand-drawn map colored differently and with black and white objects mostly.

The Character look is also cool, connected to details and easily captured, which will for sure bring you back in the time.

When it comes to the sound, I can tell that it isn’t getting out the best of the game. Sometimes there are different frequencies between the picture and the music. It just doesn’t always fit well.

Is Steve Jackson’s Sorcery Worth Playing?

To be honest, at first view I was skeptical about this game.

After giving me one more chance I realized that it’s really cool. First’ you create a story with your own fantasy, second, you learn historical events and you need to learn to calculate the power of your attack so you can win the battle.

Especially if you’re an overthinker you can now keep your mind busy and try to select the best one from the play of options this game offers.

It makes your brain active and gives you enjoyment on the other side! How cool?

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