Which game is better: The Quarry VS Until Dawn

This article will help you decide which horror game fits you better- The Quarry or Until Dawn!

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Now that there are various types of horror games, they offer the same- story in which you get collectibles, have fights and try to keep up with the good choices to increase your trophy number. However, we can’t always stick to the rule- old is gold, because the new games like The Quarry are boosting the records of playing even in the first month of their announcement. Hope this will help you decide between these two.

Which game is better: The Quarry VS Until Dawn

#1 Characters

First, we have to mention Until Dawn characters all of them have made the game incredibly exciting and a must-play the game.

However, in my opinion, The Quarry has really high-rated strengths and the top characters like Laura, David even Rayan, have outcome themselves in creating the characters.

The Quarry cast tends to be a little bit heavy because it has included little annoying and extra characters that can cut the excitement and aren’t keeping up with the whole-game adrenalin.

Until Dawn

The Quarry

#2 Picture

The Quarry has included the dark pictures as well, but having the light pictures during the storyline in the game gives an excellent expression to all the quests.

When it comes to the Until Dawn they tend to keep the dark style, and it’s normal to be that way because of the new upgrades The Quarry could include in their game design.

The Quarry

Until Dawn

#3 Chapters And Storyline

Most of the Quarry chapters are filled with collecting clues, evidence and tarot cards. That is okay but sometimes can be really annoying.

To overcome the small problems I suggest reading the guides giv3n about this game on this site.

Until Dawn’s storyline is keeping up the accent on surviving during the whole game.

 I can’t completely tell that about The Quarry because the put main direction of solving the game is its mystery.

Because I have experienced both game and their gameplay, there isn’t one convincing explanation to neglect the excitement in both of these game storylines.

Until Dawn

The Quarry

#4 Choices

All of the choices you made during the game will affect the upcoming events and the right choices will fill your trophy line in the Quarry.

Until Dawn is a little more connected to the moment decisions and they are not changing the upcoming events or situations. Yes, they do affect your next move but won’t interrupt as much as the decisions like in the Quarry.

While The Quarry is keeping up with the updates Until Dawn keeps its simplicity to the same level. This doesn’t bring much benefit to The Quarry, because sometimes you can predict the next chapter.

However, I am always for supporting the new update and I vote for The Quarry on this one.

The Quarry

#5 Perfect Blend

When it comes to comparing these games in total I would say that Until Dawn has better organized upcoming events. By this I mean- one thing goes to another, it’s all well connected and those extra elements make this game exciting.

The Quarry is better when it comes to the pictures they offer, most of the characters included are strong and the update this game has will bring your excitement to the next level.

Until Dawn

Which One To Choose?

It’s a hard decision because both of the games are worth the money.

However, I am a fan of The Quarry and all that’s inside. Despite the small disadvantages, this game has some extra options, and I like how they connected the choice selection to earning specific trophies.

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