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Zorro the Chronicles is a brand new console game that has just been released in June 2022. The game features a ton of interesting events and missions where you can play either as Diego or Ines. A cartoon game filled with a ton of gameplay mechanics will make all of your enemies confused and defeated!

In this article, we will be doing a game review for Zorro the Chronicles!

Game Review – Zorro The Chronicles

Game Type

Zorro The Chronicles is a game that’s a family-oriented game and as I said before can be played by anyone.


In the beginning you get the chance to choose between two different characters that will present to you during the game.  Diego and Ines.

 When you are choosing the character know that Ines has more health and Diego offers you a bit more energy.

However, in the end, no matter which one you choose you won’t feel a big difference. Especially because you can do an upgrade to your character with heart health, energy and extra ads.

To do this, you will need to collect Zorro coins during the game. That way you will be able to buy any kind of support to win those battles.

Menu Options

Be sure to check the menu options. You’re able to control the music, sound, and sensitivity and choose your language.

The resolution and the options that are given are better if you play this game on Nintendo or console, if you play it on PC you will see that there are some limited options.

You will feel the cons of playing this game on PC when you want to lower the resolution to run faster. You won’t like the picture very much!

I assure you that the small memory games and other tasks that need to be done during the game will cover up this con.

Gameplay And Options

Combat is really cool and you have an attack to accomplish, a doge and a counter. You have special skills that can be used to swipe the sword in the Z letter and make a scratch in the opponent’s clothes or body.

Choosing between the normal and hard model of the game is also a great thing that they have thought about, because for that advanced player the normal can get boring sometimes.

You can run, go faster and slide from side to side, but what’s really confusing jump option is out of use. That’s a little dump, but luckily your whip covers that too.

 Also, you’re able to throw a stone when you’re perched high on some of the platforms to make a distraction and enter your wanted destination.

This is like being able to do magic tricks. I do say that because you never run out of stones and they are heavy to hold in your suit but Zorro can hold them I guess.

Spyglass is on your tools list when you are providing the play game and allows you to mark enemies and be aware of your surroundings.

You see that these options can be very helpful to properly accomplish your missions and tasks. You will have tasks like collecting map pieces, keys to unlock prisoners and other stuff until you pass all of them.

In the beginning, this game can get a little boring because the missions are repetitive and almost the same, but when you open the other locations given on the map you will have interesting moments.

Before starting all of the missions you will be given a chance to change your character and to visit a stealth location or the heat of combat. Which I consider is really cool, you can change your mind and get ready before you start your missions again.

You can also mark the territory that hoy has chosen to do your mission, by drawing a poster with your initial letter and the person you’re searching for. These posters are considered your collectibles.

When attacking you can choose your favorite way to approach, you can sneak behind them, hop on them, or direct attack. It all depends on which type of player are you.

Graphics And Game Look

Well, I can’t say that everything looks perfect or there aren’t some missing parts. For example almost all of the enemies you’re fighting with look the same. Blue uniform, mustache and same pants.

That can confuse you sometimes or can be very annoying to think that you have already passed that one.

However, you don’t get to kill them you are just winning the fight by tearing them down and punching them hard. Because Zorro isn’t a killer at the end, right?

Because of the fact how funny the characters get when falling and the other creatures included in the game I almost forgot how many times I have seen them.

Yes, you can latterly use chickens to attack the blue-uniformed enemies.

Zorro CH, run at 60 frames per second, and the camera angles and how they visualize the space can get annoying. You can find yourself fighting without being able to see your opponent.

Luckily this doesn’t happen very much and most of the time you get your wanted view.

Is Zorro The Chronicles Worth Playing?

If you’re into family-oriented games, you like sword fights and collecting pieces, and you love how charismatic and cool Zorro is, you will be crazy about this game.

It’s better when you play it on Nintendo or console because you get the full effects sound and the lovely music which will make you feel like you’re in the middle of Spain.

Fun, exciting and funnier, that’s how I am describing this game and recommend you to try it!

Enjoy the Black-masked Swordfighter!

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