Dreamlight Valley: Missing Minnie Quest Guide (Crudité Guide)

Struggling to create some crudité for the Missing Minnie quest in Dreamlight Valley? Check out this guide to figure it all out!

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Dreamlight Valley is a brand new life simulator adventure game released by Gameloft. This game has great interesting features from Disney and Pixar. In this open-world game, you will be able to do various things and complete different missions. With the game being brand new, some players still struggle to figure out some controls and game mechanics. Not to worry!

This guide will show you how to complete the Missing Minnie quest in Dreamlight Valley.

Missing Minnie Quest Guide (Crudité Guide) – Dreamlight Valley

The “Missing Minnie” quest will lead you to a scenario where you will need to cook two meals for a picnic:

  • Fish Sandwiches
  • Crudités

The crudités are a complicating thing to create for many players.
Head over to the stove, aka the cooking station and throw a fish and some wheat into the pot. Press the “Start Cooking” button to cook a Fish Sandwich.

The crudités can be cooked by simply adding a piece of carrot to the pot and starting to cook it.

And just like that, you will pass this part of the Missing Minnie quest and completely finish it without struggling.

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