Here is what the Pawn Badges do.

Pawns. Pawns are easily one of the best companion systems in a video game, ever. It’s telling that the developers originally made the first Dragon’s Dogma around the Pawn system, and not the other way around. It was incredibly refined and great in the first game, and even moreso in the second one. They can help you carry stuff, give you quest information, and show the locations of treasures on the map – but that’s not all.

If they have earned a Pawn Badge… they will be come much more useful in combat. So, what do Pawn Badges actually do? Let’s find out.

What Do Pawn Badges Do In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

How to Earn Pawn Badges

To earn Pawn Badges, Pawns must be around when a boss is defeated. Bosses are enemies that have large pink/purple healthbars on the top of the scree. Cyclops, Chimera, Minotaurs – etc.

They usually have to defeat a vast amount of them, so doing it on your own can be quite difficult and it might take you a while, which is where online comes into play.

You can set a Pawn Quest and a reward for the player who hires your Pawn once they complete that quest. The quest can be something like “Defeat a Cyclops”, and this gives the player who hired your pawn the incentive to target a specific monster.

This monster kill counts towards Pawn Badge progress and earning them will be a bit easier by utilizing this system.

Keep your Pawn Strong and Useful

A lot of people disregard their pawns gear/vocations and abilities because they aren’t the one controlling them, however this is a big mistake.

Most of the time, investing in your pawn as much as, or maybe even more than in your own character can have a lot of benefits.

If they prove to be really useful to the players who hire them, they’ll get more commendations and you might get good items as rewards, instead of just Harspuds that most cheapskates give away.

What Pawn Badges Do

And finally – how do Pawn Badges boost your Pawns? They don’t give stats, items, or new skills… so what do they do? Well, they make your pawn more proficient in fighting the bosses that they have badges for.

If they have the Cyclops Badge, they’ll be able to give useful commentary such as weakpoints, weaknesses, and how to more easily take them down while also utilizing these tactics themselves.

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